Below is a list of outputs emerging from the project. Click on the image to find out more about each one



The end of project workshop will take place on Monday 14thDecember 2015 in the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. The workshop accompanies a public exhibition supported by the Intistute of Physics.


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A film by Manchester based film company OURUS commissioned to represent the project and ideas. 


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This space captures ideas as they emerge and tracks developments in Sarah's studio.


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Interrogating The Limits of (Im)Perceptibility


Organisers: Rebecca Ellis (Lancaster University), Astrid Schrader (Exeter University)Sarah Casey (Lancaster University)


American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting,Chicago


21/04/2015 - 25/04/2015

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European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts:
SCALE: Malta 15-18 June 2015

Rebecca Ellis presented a paper at the European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Annual Confernece in Malta,

Stream: Scaling the Inconceivable

Panel: ‘Bios, Geos, Cosmos at the Limits of [Im]perceptibility’ organised by Astrid Schrader and Elizabeth Johnson

Drawing the imperceptible

Sarah Casey and Gerry Davies gave a presentation to the Insight Research Centre on drawing how drawing can be used to elicit information about of elusive subjects, both visual and non visual, at the edges of sensory perception. The talk drew on material from the paper presented at the AAG conference and will form the basis of a chapter in book on Senses in the arts edited by Dr Ian Heywood.

A symposium which follows on from discussion initiated at the end of project workshop in December


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Lecture Royal Astronomical society

Kostas Dimpoulos gave a talk to the Royal Astronomical society which introduded the problems of the imerceptible as encounterd by theoretical cosmology in this project.

Beyond Perception 2015

Two drawings made through the project research have been exhibited in the exhibition Beyond Perception to accompany the symposium of the same name at the University of Aberdeen 2-4th September 2015.


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Paper: Porous Topologies
RGS conference

Rebecca Ellis and Sarah Casey delivered a joint paper at the Royal Geographical Society International Confernece 2015. The paper contributed to the panel Geo-aesthetics in an Anthropocenic World convened by Deborah Dixon (University of Glasgow) and Dominic Walker ( Exeter University).


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